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Spin these big old tires

Yes, people, well... and other organisms, but I doubt that you'd be interested because you most likely don't understand our language, so.. Yes, people,  another game has emerged from the beard and for this one I suggest you imagine a muddy Kraz truck slowly emerging out of the thick beard and if you don't like this image thiat might be because of two reasons: One - you don't care about old off road trucks, so you most likelly won't like this game; two - you don't like the idea of truck driving through facial hair so you really might like the game because it isn't about that.

SO, ok this is the game that I have been dreaming about (and at some point I doubted if it will by possible any time) since the days of Screamer 4x4. I mean screamer was best off road sim and still is one of the few and one of the best, I was just dreamingg how nice it would be to have trucks driving over realistic deformable terrain with 3d vegetation and to be able to get stuck in realistic mud (not just by rolling over or falling into some deep hole). At that time, simulated off roading was done on huge triangles :]] cuz only low res terrain was possible. So I waited and waited, waited and waited (I had many ideas during that time, but it was just Ideas cuz I haven’t gotten myself into game making yet), couple of crappy off road games showed up, like motorm4x and uaz: full drive. UAZ was fun for some time, but it was really annoying too, because it was made on half shooter half racing engine - Chrome engine, so after that I almost gave up hope on driving games because all of them were increasingly arcadized :], but then baaam, some developers shows new technology of realistic digging of dirt and terrain deformation, at the time I thought that was just a demonstration of technology (which won Intel award), but then few years later I saw some news and new build of their technology demo and the guys were saying that they will make a real game out of that and than again few years later I was anticipating the final game of Spin Tires to be realesed soon, and now it is out, it came out not too long ago and for me it is almost perfect. You may sayk that it lacks in content for a game that has been in development for so long, but first of all it was made (is being made)by a really small developer and second - attention to detail is outstanding and it is optimized very well. So we can always get additional content later with DLC and mods (it's moddable) but the basis to off road playground that they created is awesome. Physics are top notch, all the effect that you would expect from off road sim are there and there are even more :] Damage is not yet done properly, but they said that it will be updated and there are many things that can be improved, but you better go play thisthe game and you will find your self loving it, or hating it I don’t know :]

If you are looking to try it, it is up on steam for 25 euro. You might see that there are a lot of complaints about lack of content, but if you are into hardcore realistic games and old trucks in Russian forests than definitely buy it. It will receive free additional content, so hurray, but even without it  is great, after all it emerged out of the beard.

Recently it was updated. Driving wheel support was added, it works great just we have to wait for cockpit view now, because driving with wheel while using outside view feels strange.


Come here, son. What is the biggest fish you have seen ? No don't lie that it is Atlantic Cod, you have never been near the Atlantic ocean, oh these books.... anyway, son, the largest fish that you can meet around these parts is Maz 537, I swear, son, one time I drove this beast underwater and came out to shore, not kidding, when I think about it now I think I might have died, but I didin't, I even received an Achievement award from our Great Leader. 

I have been climbing pretty steep hills for such fat trucks

Oh, and this is a picture of me sleeping on the side of the road, hungover. Hungover in Taiga.

And also I can tell you sir, son, that all these Maz, Kraz, Ural, Kamaz and Gaz trucks was sitting in mud up to axles many times

When you will be tall enough to drive these trucks, don't be afraid, they might look scary at first, but later you will roll few of them over , get stuck a little bit and you'll get used to the mud baths. Look how my first try ended:

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