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In our village there was a saying "if something doesn't go right - give another spin for the dimension". But everything is cool now, I am walking around this world and everything I see is really beautiful. Well, there are few scary spots, but generally I feel like I'm in a resort. I occasionally find some pieces of gold cubes and also I have found few blue cubes... These are a lot harder to find and they are called "anticubes". Oh, yeah.. I also have found some kind of an artifact, my little ignorant companion said that this artifact was used for writing. He doesn't know a lot of things, but when he knows something, it is usually truth. I can see myself that this artifact might have been used for writing. It is  cube with forms of letters sticking out, and it looks like you could press a letter into clay or something similar, but cube has only six sides, so does that mean that their language has only six letters ? I'm not sure.

One of the things that you can learn from this game:

There are a lot of things in your life than you can learn in boiler room.


Phil Phish is quite disliked person in the game world. I don't know and don't really care about this personal stuff, but I like him because of his creation. He sees games as art, which I really like. And when this game came out on Xbox 360, he said that PC is for spreadsheets, because when this game is played on PC it loses a part of its original form. I understand what he means by that, because a gaming console is more like a solid object of gaming, which lets you skip all kinds of graphical options and all technical stuff, what you get is a creation being presented for you in its complete form. While on pc you have to go through steps of installing it (of course you need to install games on console, but it is very simple), setting it up and etc., after that some players will play using a keyboard, set up the controls and this it might create different experience from what the creator intended it to be (especially when a game is carefully crafted with attention to tiny details). But as far as the statement of Fish goes, I wonder if he said it honestly or it was just a marketing trick, because as far as I know,  FEZ first was intended to be released on PC.

For the first time I played FEZ on pc, but not long FEZ was released on ps3, ps4 and Ps vita and now I'm playing it for the second time and the colorful world really looks awesome on a beautiful OLED screen of Vita. I can say that it is my favorite game on Vita so far. I have been playing it for a long time now and almost 200 percented it :] yeah, and I can tell you that on my opinion it is the best puzzle game since Myst. While it looks like simple 2d platformer its puzzles are very deep and unique, it feels like you really have to dig the game inside out. I really like this kind of immersion. It keeps you coming back and trying to figure out a little bit more about this world.
Also I like when all elements of the game forms a perfect symbiosis in way that the game world just feels natural and real, without the things that you just have to imagine separately, like for example : skill points or damage points.
    This game has pixelated graphics and lo-fi sound effects, but it really feels like this is some kind of different universe that has this type of material :] It is really good that now there are a lot of game developers who like to experiment and merge games with art. But the trend is that after every unique work, comes 10 of copies, but that is not allways a bad thing. 

Sure, there will be people who will totally dislike this game. Some will dislike pixelated graphics, or lack of reflections and so on. It is just my opinion that this is a great creation of art, but after all what other criteria there are to evaluate the greatness of art than just an opinion or feeling, especially for the creation purpose is not to please the masses of people. 

Not so long ago, in one of Sage Francis interviews I noticed his observation about how most of the computer games are about war, its like these games are preparing kids for war and forming their admiration for military and all that. And for real, most games use violence to be successful, and not saying that there are no interesting games about war against something and maybe this is related to our instincts, but I feel that games like FEZ teach you about better things nad take you to etter places also it leads you towards the discovery of new civilizations and not towards destruction.

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